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Modern Rhinoplasty
Millimetre surgery


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New technique for bright
face, combining
hyaluronic acid
and Botox Dysport

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Facetite - Necktite

Solving the neck problem!
The most advanced,
face and neck contouring technique.

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Perfect lips

Lips and smile belong
to the most important
field of modern
cosmetic treatment.

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Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon Keramidas Evangelos

This website allows me to communicate with you and at the same time inform you on all developments in the field of Plastic Surgery (Aesthetic and Reconstructive), invasive and non-invasive. Updates on my professional / scientific activity in this field are also available.

Evident throughout this website, my two key principles in handling each case (invasive or non-invasive) are the patient's safety, Hippocrate's maxim “to do good or to do no harm” and the anticipated aesthetic result which must be impressive but also natural.

To achieve this, a plastic surgeon needs the following:

  • Deep appreciation of the sense of beauty.
  • Great specialty skills.
  • Perfect yet discerning use of new technology.

There are six necessary properties that distinguish a doctor and, by extension, a plastic surgeon.

Evangelos Keramidas Plastic Surgeon


body contouring

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