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Modern Rhinoplasty
Millimetre surgery


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New technique for bright
face, combining
hyaluronic acid
and Botox Dysport

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Facetite - Necktite

Solving the neck problem!
The most advanced,
face and neck contouring technique.

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9th Congress of the Hellenic Society of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

29-31 August 2011 –  ( For the first time we shall present two studies.

  1. Liposuction with radiofrequencies, the renown Bodytite technique
  2. How to choose the technique to be used for breast augmentation.
  3. MACS Face lift

1) Liposuction with radiofrequencies, the renown Bodytite technique
In this paper we present cases of the past 2 years, one of the extended series of cases currently in Europe.
The result we have achieved have built up our trust in this technique.
With Bodytite we may achieve

  1. Better skin contouring
  2. Minimum complications

In 2009 we were the first to embrace this revolutionary and promising new technology in liposuction. Βodytite or radiofrequency-assisted liposuction.

2) A new algorithm for choosing the pocket in breast augmentation. Our experience after 1300 cases.
There are several techniques for placing silicone implants in breast augmentation. These are:

  1. Subglandular
  2. Subfascial
  3. Submuscular
  4. Dual plane submuscular
  5. Dual plane muscle-splitting

Which one is the best?
All abovementioned techniques have their cons and pros. In this paper we present a new algorithm for choosing among all these techniques aiming for best possible and most natural result with minimum problems.
This algorithm was produced following the analysis of 1300 breast augmentation cases and is based on 3 parameters. We reach the conclusion that there are three techniques that are considered best for breast augmentation: the SubFascial, the Muscle-splitting dual plane and the Dual plane submuscular technique
For the first time, in this paper we propose an algorithm on how to select the appropriate pocket.

3) MACS Face Lift:
MACS Face Lift is a Face Lift technique in which very small incisions allow us to achieve maximum face lifting and natural result. This presentation is important as it refers to the suggested amendments for even better results.
To achieve best face lift, we need to elevate not only the skin but also the inner part of the face. This is the so-called SMAS.
MACS Face Lift involves very small incisions – photo I – and is based on the use of internal sutures for elevation of the inner part of the face.
Our amendments involve the following actions:
First – Photo I.  More extended preparation of the face.
Second – Photo II. V Smasectomy, which allows for better lift of the face.
Third – Incisions through the ear, allowing for an almost invisible scar.
The most important advantages are:

  1. Small incisions, almost invisible
  2. Natural results
  3. Maximum, long-lasting lifting
  4. Speedy recovery
  5. Minimum to no complications

The safest method with zero problems as to facial nerves