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Modern Rhinoplasty
Millimetre surgery


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New technique for bright
face, combining
hyaluronic acid
and Botox Dysport

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Facetite - Necktite

Solving the neck problem!
The most advanced,
face and neck contouring technique.

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Liquid Facelift

There is no doubt that much has changed in the field of Cosmetic Surgery during the past years. We are living in a time when people look for easy, painless ways to look young and healthy. Minimum invasive procedures tend to become the golden rule as they allow for immediate recovery and prompt return to work after treatment. To a great extent, this tendency is based on technology that now allow us to achieve perfect results with minimum strain and pain.

What is liquid Face Lift?

Liquid Face Lift  is a combinative facial treatment that may offer a nice and natural result without use of scalpel. More specifically, the treatment combines Botox/ Dysport, Hyaluronic acid, Microdermabrasion, Laser and Mesotherapy, that chisel, rejuvenate and improve the face.

What exactly does it involve?

Liquid Face Lift is performed in 2 stages. The first stage includes careful injection of fillers into the face.

  1. Botox/Dysport injection: smoothes out wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and glabella.
  2. Injection of Hyaluronic acid (three (3) different types):
  3. In the second phase, microdermabrasion or laser or mesotherapy for improvement of texture and elasticity of the skin.

What do we achieve with this combinative treatment:

  1. Unwanted wrinkles are smoothed out.
  2. The lost volume of the face is reinstated.
  3. The skin's texture and elasticity is improved.
  4. The skin gets full hydration.
  5. New collagen is produced.
  6. Surgical solutions are postponed.

We manage to give the face a young and healthy look.

Which are the advantages of this technique?

  • It may be performed at the clinic and takes 1-2 hours.
  • There are no incisions.
  • The patient may return to work immediately.

How long will the result last?

Six (6) months to one (1) year.

What is the secret for good results?

1. Good selection of candidate patients. Patients with increased skin laxity should undergo a regular face lift.
2. The doctor must be trained on the entire therapeutic spectrum covering face rejuvenation. This means perfect skills, not only on non-invasive treatments such as Botox/Dysport, Hyaluronic acid, laser, mesotherapy, but also good skills on MACS FACE LIFT, NECK LIFT and BROW LIFT.

What is the aim of a face lift?

Our goal is to give the patient a youthful and fresh look, symmetry and harmony without surgery and scalpel.

Which face type is considered appropriate for this treatment?

A face that has lost its volume and has developed folds, wrinkles and patches.

Before the treatment

Full information to the patient regarding the treatment. Local anaesthetic cream on the areas where hyaluronic acid will be injected.

During treatment

Injection of small amounts of Βοtox and hyaluronic acid. During treatment with Botox/Dysport, the protein is injected straight into the targeted muscles of the face. As a result, 3-5 days after the session you shall be ready to witness the first results of the application. Because we use a very small needle – the smallest one available – patients may feel a light but absolutely temporary discomfort. Hyaluronic acid comes in ampoules of 1 ml. Injection is performed with a very small needle.

After treatment

You may experience temporary redness, minor oedemas, bruising or headache. During the first six (6) hours you must refrain from any kind of facial massage. This is to make sure that Βotox/Dysport is not transferred to other areas. It is also advisable to avoid intense exercising during the first 24hours after the medicine is injected. If done with carelessness, the application may cause the eyelid to drop.

What does stage b include?

After treatment with Βotox/Dysport   and hyaluronic acid and when wrinkles have disappeared, the volume of the face has been reinstated, deep wrinkles have been smoothed out - mainly in the centre of the face – and the facial contour has been improved, then we may proceed with the following:
A) Mesotherapy→ For hydration
B) Microdermabrasion →Improvement of the skin’s texture
C) Laser or IPC → Improvement of the skin’s texture and smoothing out of patches or other spots on the face.

What can we achieve with stage b?

We may optimise the result of stage a.

Advantages of the technique:

  1. No surgery
  2. No incisions
  3. Minimum or no pain
  4. Natural results
  5. Fast recovery; return to work one hour after treatment.

Disadvantages of the technique:

  1. Non-permanent results
  2. Repeat session in 6 months – 1 year