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New technique for bright
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General information about Botox

What is Βοtοx or Dysport or botulinum toxin type A?

Botulinum Toxin Type A is a protein produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Its common name is BOTOX. It is without doubt the best asset that plastic surgeons currently have on their hands to fight wrinkles of the face. It is marketed in two (2) different packages: as Botox (by Allergan) and as Dysport (by Ipsen).

Is it a popular treatment?

10 million Botox/Dysport applications were performed in 2009.

How does Botox/ Dysport act?

The protein contained in Botox-Dysport calms/ relaxes specific muscles of the face. As a result, these muscles cease to contract and face wrinkles are smoothed out.

Which wrinkles can be targeted?

The most common wrinkles to be smoothed out are:

1. he so-called crows' feet or the wrinkles around the eyes
2. forehead wrinkles
3. frown lines between the eyebrows
4. vertical lines on the sides of the mouth which are deeper on the upper lip (smoker’s wrinkles).

Botox-Dysport acts not only against the thin lines but also against the deeper wrinkles of the face.

When was it used for the first time?

The same protein was first used to cure wry neck in young children as well as strabismus. In cosmetic medicine, it was first used in early 1990 and it has ever since become the most popular and most effective medium in the fight against facial wrinkles. This protein not only smoothes out wrinkles but also protects against future wrinkles.
What is the recovery time?
Botox/Dysport has no recovery time. You may go out or return to work after treatment.

Is this treatment appropriate for me?

This treatment is appropriate for all people who are concerned about wrinkles around the eyes, the forehead and between the eyebrows and want to look younger and less tired.

Will my face expression change? Will I be disfigured?

The Botox/Dysport treatment relaxes specific muscles of the face. All other muscles continue to function as usual. This way your facial expression is not affected at all. However, it must be noted that no matter how simple it sounds, this treatment must only be performed by doctors who are appropriately trained and have full knowledge of the face anatomy.

How will I look after Botox/Dysport?

More relaxed, more fresh and with better skin quality.

Can wrinkles be prevented with Botox/Dysport?

The best approach is not to cure but to prevent wrinkles from forming. This is of course one of the strongest features Botox-Dysport.

Is there any other treatment that can be combined with Botox/Dysport?

Botox/Dysport can be combined with a great number of treatments such as microdermabrasion, mesotherarpy, hyaluronic acid and, of course, with surgical procedures.

Can Botox/Dysport replace surgical procedures?

Botox/Dysport acts supplementary to and not in place of surgical procedures.

Before treatment

Before treatment, you will have a thorough discussion with the doctor as to the importance of Botox/Dysport and any problems or effects on health.

The treatment

During treatment, the protein is injected straight into the targeted muscles of the face. As a result, 3-5 days after the session you shall be ready to witness the first results of the application. Because we use a very small needle – the smallest one available – patients may feel a light but absolutely temporary discomfort. The whole procedure takes less than 10 minutes and is of course performed by a well-trained doctor.

After treatment

You may experience a temporary redness, minor oedema, bruising or headache. During the first six (6) hours you must refrain from any kind of facial massage. This is to make sure that Βotox/Dysport is not transferred to other areas.  
It is also advisable to avoid intense exercising during the first 24hours after the medicine is injected. If done with carelessness, the application may cause the eyelid to drop downwards.

Is it safe?

You should know that this treatment has been used in millions of people around the world for almost 20 years now. There are, of course, numerous studies that prove how safe this treatment is.

How long can the effect of Botox/Dysport last?

The result of the treatment lasts 3-6 months. If the results are not ideal during the first month after treatment, it is possible that a top up will be required.
If the initial wrinkles are thin and not too deep, the patient expects a 100%, full smoothing result.

What happens after subsequent Βotox/Dysport treatments?

Someone who has been using Βotox/Dysport for quite some time may expect an improvement as to the depth and extent of the initial wrinkles. This is due to the skin's ability to recreate itself, given the fact that the underlying muscles are not contracting continuously.

Which is the appropriate age for someone to start having Βotox/Dysport sessions?

If you start the Βotox/Dysport treatment early, before wrinkles become permanent, you shall get better results.

Problems or complications after a Βotox/Dysport treatment

It is very rare to experience problems after a Βotox/Dysport application. You may experience temporary redness, minor oedemas, bruising or headache. Patients with neuromuscular conditions must inform the doctor accordingly. Also, Βotox/Dysport treatments are prohibited during pregnancy.

Are there any other alternative techniques?

The Βotox/Dysport is one of the best and irreplaceable treatments when it comes to complete wrinkle smoothing. There are certain substitute treatments such as peeling or lasers or medical microdermabrasion. These can also yield results which however are not as impressive as those offered with the Βotox/Dysport application. Also, in cases of very deep wrinkles, it is better to combine Βotox/Dysport with fillers, such as those containing hyaluronic acid.

Is Βotox/Dysport different than the hyaluronic acid treatment?

Βotox/Dysport is the only treatment that targets the face's dynamic wrinkles and lines by relaxing/ paralysing the muscles. Hyaluronic acid is injected just underneath the skin, in the area where the wrinkle/ line has developed. It fills up the wrinkle/ line and has no effect on the underlying muscles (volume reinstatement).

What do you usually combine Βotox/Dysport with?

Βotox/Dysport  is more often combined with hyaluronic acid treatment.

Is there anything new as to the use of Botox/Dysport?

We now treat hyperhidrosis, masseter spasms, migraine treatment, urinary incontinence.

Botox/Dysport for hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body produces large amounts of sweat. As a result the affected areas are more humid and the patient deals with discomfort during daily activities. The most common areas treated are the armpits and feet.

Βotox/Dysport  for masseter hypertrophy

Many men develop the so-called masseter hypertrophy. The masseter is the muscle appearing on the left and right side of the face when the jaw is closed with force. This is the area targeted during the Βotox/Dysport treatment which is better performed in 2-3 phases. We start with injection of small quantities of medication and we gradually increase the dosage, making sure that the application is safe for the patient. This method may yield very good results in men.

Βotox/Dysport for chronic migraine

Patients who complain of headaches that last at least 15 days each month and who suffer of migraines for 8 days during this fortnight, may find the Βotox/Dysport treatment comforting. Βotox/Dysport is injected into specific muscles of the head (occipitalis, temporalis).

Botox / Dysport for men

Botox injection must be performed differently in male and female patients. It is true that despite the amount of information available on Botox / Dysport application on women, literature on the application of fillers in men is very restricted.

The following apply for male patients:

  1. we leave the eyebrows intact, so that they can move fairly easily.
  2. wrinkles of the glabella are deep and therefore require a combined treatment with Botox/Dysport and hyaluronic acid.
  3. in general, wrinkles in men are deeper and more dynamic that is why a larger dosage is necessary.

Directions for the use of Botox/ Dysport in men

The method of Βotox/Dysport injection in male patients is different than in female patients. A very good aesthetic result in man will only allow a light and discrete movement of the eyebrows, smoothing out most of the wrinkles on the forehead.

Quite often, male patients who visit our clinic tell us that Βotox/Dysport is not effective on them. This is usually due to the fact that they have not been given the right dosage.  A male patient needs a larger dosage of Βotox/Dysport compared to a female patient. This must be well understood. Male patients require more medicine because wrinkles in men are more dynamic and deeper compared to wrinkles in women. More specifically, the male glabella muscles are much more developed.


Hyperhidrosis is a very common condition and particularly annoying for those who deal with it. It is a hyperfunction of the sweat glands that leads to hypersecretion of sweat. It may be a symptom of other diseases and medical conditions (e.g. hyperthyroidism, metabolism disorders, stress etc) or is simply a special characteristic of the person's body function. The condition mainly appears in the area of the armpit, the palm and sole and is usually bilateral. Rarely, the condition may appear on the area of cheeks during or after meal in persons who have been submitted to a parotid removal procedure (Frey syndrome).

People with hyperhidrosis feel ashamed and awkward when their problem is obvious and when they are in public areas. This can increase the hyperhidrosis phenomenon. However, this can be treated with local administration of botulinum toxin type A, known as Botox. The treatment must be performed by plastic surgeons or dermatologists that know the technique used for this treatment. The treatment is temporary but quite effective. The results may last up to one year, i.e. longer than the result of the use of this toxin for face wrinkles smoothing.

Butulinum toxin acts by eliminating the motion of smooth muscle fibre that surrounds the sweat glands. The muscles cannot contract and as a result, sweat secretion is impossible. It is a well-tolerated treatment in terms of pain, it does not create any side effects (apart from any known sensitivity to the medication which is very rare) and the medication action appears 3-4 days after.

Those who select this procedure become very fond of it since it much improves their psychology and self-confidence while at the same time, after 2-3 repetitions of the treatment they realise that the previous situation does not re-occur since, quite simply, the sweat glands at the treated areas are in hyperergasia and gradually become atrophic.