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Modern Rhinoplasty
Millimetre surgery


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New technique for bright
face, combining
hyaluronic acid
and Botox Dysport

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Facetite - Necktite

Solving the neck problem!
The most advanced,
face and neck contouring technique.

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International Meeting on Aesthetic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery IMAFR

1-3 September 2011, Kos.   ( 

Presentation of two papers in English (official language of the conference)

  1. MACS Face Lift: Result analysis and proposed amendments. Or V SMASectomy
  2. The new Sfumato technique

1) MACS Face Lift: Result analysis and proposed amendments. Or V SMASectomy
MACS Face Lift is a Face Lift technique in which very small incisions allow us to achieve maximum face lifting and natural result. This presentation is important as it refers to the suggested amendments for even better results.
To achieve best face lift, we need to elevate not only the skin but also the inner part of the face. This is the so-called SMAS.
MACS Face Lift involves very small incisions – photo I – and is based on the use of internal sutures for elevation of the inner part of the face.
Our amendments involve the following actions:
First – Photo I.  More extended preparation of the face.
Second – Photo II. V Smasectomy, which allows for better lift of the face.
Third – Incisions through the ear, allowing for an almost invisible scar.
The most important advantages are:

  1. Small incisions, almost invisible
  2. Natural results
  3. Maximum, long-lasting lifting
  4. Speedy recovery
  5. Minimum to no complications
  6. The safest method with zero problems as to facial nerves

2) The new Sfumato technique: A combination of Botox /Dysport and hyaluronic acid in skin rejuvenation, first presented through Greek TV - Mega Channel and then at the IMCAS Paris Meeting in 2011.