Breast Augmentation


Nowadays, breast augmentation is among the most popular procedures in plastic surgery.

Breasts have always been considered as one of the stronger features of femininity. Therefore, women whose breasts are not of what is considered to be the right size, may often feel less favoured compared to other women in terms of femininity. They may also feel inferior to other women. This often reflects on their overall behaviour and personality. These women may have small or aplastic breasts, breast asymmetry or maybe they’ve undergone a mastectomy. A breast augmentation procedure helps fix these problems.

Which are the breast augmentation techniques used in modern plastic surgery?

  • Non touch - No pain Technique
  • Dual plane technique
  • Subfascial technique

What can we promise? What are we aiming for?

Our aim is to increase breast volume using silicone implants in such a way as to obtain a natural result in harmony with the patient's body features.

Nevertheless, new techniques used in breast augmentation and the methods we suggest for achieving the most natural results are: the subfascial technique where the implant is placed under a thin membrane that covers the muscle, called fascia, and the “Dual plane technique” where the implant is inserted half under the muscle and half under the muscle fascia.

10 facts to help you know that your plastic surgeon is using the No Touch - No Pain technique in Breast Augmentation

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Watch the testimonial and flawless recovery and correction achieved on this patient’s breasts after breast augmentation. The patient is comparing the No Touch - No Pain Technique used by Plastic Surgeon Evangelos Keramidas with the classic technique.

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