MACS Facelift

The world trend in cosmetic surgery is getting the best result with the smallest possible incisions and shorter recovery time.

M.A.C.S. Facelift is a facelift technique that honours this trend. M.A.C.S. means Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift. It is a surgical technique performed under General Anaesthesia or Local Anaesthesia and Sedation. Incisions are made along the sideburn through the ear and from 0 to 3 - 4 cm behind the ear. The length of the incision behind the ear depends on the severity of the problem around the neck area. Ideal candidates are men and women who have developed skin laxity extending from the jowl to the neck, Although there is no particular age for a Μ.Α.C.S Facelift, we reserve this procedure for patients over the age of 40.

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Anticipated results of Facelift

Μ.Α.C.S Face lift corrects both the face and neck. The effectiveness of this method is based on the fact that the suspension performed on the face involves not only the skin but also the inner tissue. The inner tissue of the face is suspended with sutures and relocated slightly over the cheekbone (this is where the term “cranial suspension” comes from). This dual suspension of the face tissue grants longer-lasting results. The results last 5 to 10 years, but are also subject to other factors such as the age when the first facelift was performed, genetic predisposition, smoking, exposure to sun. Surgery lasts between 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours and the patient may return home on the same day. Bruising, if any, is limited. The patient may go out for a walk the day after the surgery. Pain is minimum or zero. The patient only has a stretching sensation on the face.

Complications of the procedure

The risks of this procedure are: - haematoma, inflammation, paresis of the facial nerve, deep venous thrombosis. It should be noted that complications are very rare, particularly with the M.A.C.S Facelift technique.


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