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Lips and smile form a very important field of modern cosmetic treatment. Studies have shown that fuller lips are a sign of health, youthfulness and high femininity.

It is commonly believed that lip enhancement is a simple procedure. Nevertheless, a good and natural result is a combination of vast knowledge of facial anatomy, good surgical skills and artistic sense of the doctor performing the treatment

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  • The height of the upper lip must be measured at 0.65-0.85 of the height of the lower lip. This analogy refers to the volume of the lips and is one of the most characteristic measurement methods.
  • Cupid’s bow: this area must be well-shaped with visible outline.
  • The vermilion zone: is the central area of the lips and must be well-shaped with visible borders.
  • The philtrum: is located exactly above the vermilion zone. It is bordered by ridges on the left and right that add volume to the area between the lips and nose.
  • The white line or the vermilion border: This is the line that provides the demarcation of the shape of lips. The white line must be visible and slightly projecting. It turns flat with ageing. Hyaluronic acid or fat can be injected in this area.
  • The upper lip is has a 1-3 mm projection compared to the lower lip. On the third picture.
  • Young lips have a gentle curve extending from the nose to the upper lip and from the lower lip to the chin line.
  • The reddish area of the lips has a sharp demarcation, is well-shaped and with good projection.
  • The shape of the lower lip is symmetrically full on both sides.


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