3D Cryolipolysis

Fighting localized fat deposits with cryolipolysis

Thanks to the new Cryolipo II technology, localized fat that is diet and gym resistant can easily become a memory of the past with this powerful cold treatment.

Details on cryolipolysis

The new CRYOLIPO II is an advanced system for selective cryosculpture that is based on the method of cryolipolysis and achieves permanent reduction of localised fat in an absolutely safe manner. This is a non-invasive, FDA-approved method based on extensive research conducted by Harvard University on non-invasive liposculpture techniques.

How can CRYOLIPO II treat local fat both immediately and effectively? Studies have shown that if fat cells are exposed to intense cold for a specific period of time they gradually die (apoptosis). Subsequently, all destroyed fat cells are excreted via a perfectly normal process through the lymphatic system.

More specifically, the system has two very comfortable handpieces with built-in LCD displays. The handpieces are used locally on adipose tissue. Vacuum keeps the tissue within the cold chamber for a specific period of time (phase 1).

This allows intense freezing (up to -9 degrees Celsius) (Phase 2), which leads to subsequent decline of fat cells (Phase 3). However, it is very important to point out that the surrounding area remains intact, as adipose tissue is much more sensitive to the effects of cold, compared to the surrounding tissues, which are not affected during the freezing procedure.



As a result of the above process, the localized fat area starts downsizing as soon as 20 days after treatment while therapeutic result is achieved within three months. Depending on the extent of the patient’s problem, treatment with CRYOLIPO II can be performed alone, or if necessary, in combination with additional treatments.

This treatment is comfortable, fast (1-hour duration) and can be applied in various areas of the body, such as the arms, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. With zero recovery time, the patient can resume daily activities immediately after the end of treatment.

One of the many advantages of Cryolipo II that also makes this treatment unique is that the handpieces operate in a 3D mode (covering the targeted surface at 360 degrees) with patented technology. Unlike other similar equipment, Cryolipo II also has special handpieces that are appropriate for curved areas (such as buttocks, stubborn fat around the thighs, knees etc). This allows a more uniform and symmetrical outcome in fat reduction that may reach up to 30% within an hour of pain-free treatment. Other models only have two freezing rods and cannot achieve diffuse freezing. Consequently, the outcome lacks smoothness and uniformity

To sum up, the features and benefits of treatment with CRYOLIPO II, are the following:

  • Non-invasive and bloodless method without use of anaesthesia
  • Safe, immediately effective and fast treatment
  • Causes fat cells apoptosis
  • No recovery time
  • Comfortable and easy treatment for both patient and operator
  • Enhanced freezing mechanism (up to-9˚C)
  • Strong vacuum (up to 50 kilopascal)
  • Two handpieces for concurrent therapies
  • Three different types of handpieces
  • Built-in LCD screen on handpiece
  • Unique, patented 3D technology for freezing application (360°) for a more uniform result.
  • Special handpieces that can be used on more difficult curved areas such as stubborn fat, buttocks, knees, inner thighs.


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