V - M.A.C.S. Facelift

The global trend in cosmetic surgery is getting the best result with the smallest possible incisions and shortest recovery time.

V-MACS Facelift is a new surgical technique for correction of the face contour. It is a combination of a new and an old technique.

The new technique is the V-Smasectomy.

The old technique is the M.A.C.S.

What is the V-Smasectomy

To achieve successful results through a Face lift, the applied technique must meet the following conditions:

  1. It must be safe
  2. It must yield a natural result
  3. It must last for years

The following features are also important:


  1. Small and almost invisible incisions
  2. Everyday activities resumed within very short while
  3. Less possible bruising
  4. Light anaesthesia
  5. Minimal pain or no pain at all

To achieve a natural and long-lasting result during a face lift we need to suspend (pull) not only the skin but also the inner tissue of the face called SMAS (Submuscular aponeurotic system)

Facelift videos

New technique with amazing recovery

V - MACS Facelift - Live Surgery - Keramidas Evangelos


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How is it done?

Incisions are made along the sideburn through the ear and from 0 to 3 -4 cm behind the ear. The length of the incision behind the ear depends on the severity of the problem around the neck area.

V – M.A.C.S. Facelift

Skin is suspended vertically as shown in the figure.

V – M.A.C.S. Facelift

In V-Smasectomy we remove a portion of the SMAS and then we use sutures to lift and secure it.

V – M.A.C.S. Facelift

V-Smasectomy is performed in two parts.

V – M.A.C.S. Facelift

Section (a) that is parallel to the face contour. Section (b) which is parallel to the cheek, the middle face and the nasolabial folds.

Removing section (a) allows us to correct the contour of the face and neck while removing section (b) allows us to improve the appearance of the cheek, middle face and nasolabial sulcus.

What is the MACS face lift

It’s a facelift technique

The new V-MACS technique incorporates the MACS Face lift suturing that suspends and secures the relocated inner tissue of the face.

V-Smasectomy - Innovative outcome

V – M.A.C.S. Facelift

1) Natural result

2) Invisible and very small incisions

eik3 eik5

3) Surgery performed under sedation and local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia if requested by the patient.

4) Patient goes home the same day

4 hours after the surgery 

5) Patient resumes daily activities very soon

6) Minimum to no pain

7) Result that lasts for years

If the neck is also to be corrected, then the surgeon adds the sutures seen in the picture below.

V – M.A.C.S. FaceliftV – M.A.C.S. Facelift



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